Magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Leyte is just a possibility

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Leyte is just a possibility

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TACLOBAN CITY — The report of a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that could hit Leyte is just a possibility that might happen in our lifetime. So people should not be panic and instead be aware of the worst case scenario since the Central Leyte Fault line has portions that are already ripe as what PHIVOLCS told media last week.

Several netizens have posted their concern on the alarm caused by the report, which includes iTacloban:

People should be aware that the report from PHIVOLCS is just a possibility that could happen. The report was never meant...
Posted by iTacloban on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mr. Ralph Atienza, a geology student from UP Diliman has commented on the issue:

The statement coming from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) states that because the segment had not experienced any strong earthquake in the past 100 years or so, another one could occur based on the re-occurrence of earthquakes in historical records.

Their statement is NOT a prediction that tells us an earthquake will immediately hit the area in the next days, rather, a discussion of mere possibilities for the local government to be prepared of. As of this posting, no one in the world can still predict earthquakes with so much accuracy -- our seismologists never assume that they're in level with God, contrary to what other people criticized. No need for evacuation nor any other temporary shelter, rather, have long-term preparation in the structures and community resiliency, just as to prepare for both earthquakes and other natural hazards.

Just like the "Big One" in Metro Manila, I would like to remind everyone that there are a lot more active faults and trenches all around the country that could possibly cause large and destructive earthquakes. The statement coming from the agency does not mean that the next big quake will only be concentrated in Leyte.

As a Geology student, I would like to ask the media to prevent any unnecessary panic by clarifying their news and inform the public rather than scaring them.

To clarify, this possible earthquake in Leyte is NOT connected in any mining operations and that we, from the field of geology, never assume that we are like God in identifying the possible geological events in the future -- we based them on scientific method. With regards to this statement, NO ONE is exactly predicting an earthquake, this is just a possibility.

R.L. Abainza 

BS Geology Student
UP Diliman

Via Facebook 

As for the official statement of Phivolcs, Director Renato Solidum said last week: “There are movements but very weak since 1900 until the present...but people have to be aware." He then asked LGUs to implement the updated National Building Code and also come up with a local building code that wil ensure the safety of this buildings from earthquakes.

Despite that, Solidum said PHIVOLCS could not predict when the major earthquake will happen and certain falls as a possibility. But people should not take this for granted, instead be ready for it.

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