How to Register and Get a Vaccination Certificate (VaxCertPH) in the Philippines?

If you're an OFW or have plans to go abroad, you must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate if you're already fully vaccinated. Know here how to get a VaxCertPH certificate. LOGO: VaxCertPH/DOH.

(UPDATED) On September 6, 2021, the national government of the Philippines had launched VaxCert PH. It is the official digital portal of the Philippines for the issuance of the National Digital Vaccination Certificate for individuals who are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease.

The priority for the initial phase of the implementation of VaxCert PH were given to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipinos departing from the country with their place of residence located in the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila and Baguio City.

As of December 2021, VaxCertPH, or the national vaccination certificate, is used as a requirement by some LGUs to allow individuals to enter, in addition to a vaccination card, depending on what is available.

VaxCert PH will be available to all fully vaccinated Filipinos in the country once the initial phase is done. By this point, all individuals who want to travel abroad must register to the VaxCert PH portal to get their COVID-19 vaccination certificate once it's available to the general public.

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What is VaxCert PH?

VaxCert PH is the Philippines' official digital vaccine certificate system which issues National Digital Vaccination Certificates for Filipinos who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The said system was developed by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and managed by the Department of Health (DOH).

In the future, all fully vaccinated individuals in the Philippines, especially those who will travel abroad, will be able to obtain COVID-19 vaccination certificates through the said portal. The information that will appear on the certification includes the place and date of vaccination and the brand of vaccine used, and a system-generated QR Code.

The certificate obtained from the VaxCert PH web app acts as a COVID-19 vaccine passport. It should not be used as a replacement for the Bureau of Quarantine's yellow card and other vaccine cards for yellow fever, polio, and measles.

Where to access VaxCert PH?

Fully vaccinated individuals who want to travel abroad may access VaxCert PH at to get their digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate. From there, an individual must answer the required details needed for their VaxCert PH application.

What are the requirements to get a VaxCert PH certificate?

Individuals who want to get a vaccine certificate through the VaxCert PH portal must be fully vaccinated. They must also have capable mobile or desktop devices and a stable internet connection to access the web portal of VaxCert PH and upload the said documents. 

Once an individual can access the VaxCert PH web app portal, they must provide factual details from their vaccine card such as:

  • Complete name;
  • Birthdate; and
  • Date and location of your 1st and 2nd dose of vaccination.

All of the details above are needed to verify your vaccine information. Aside from those mentioned above, an individual must provide a digital copy of their vaccine card, valid government-issued ID, email address, and mobile number if their record is not found on the VaxCert PH portal.

How to get a VaxCert PH certificate?

The VaxCert PH portal is now open to all individuals, but it is still in the early stages, emphasizing OFWs and international travelers. Some local governments require a vaccination certificate upon entry. You can obtain a vaccination certificate by visiting

You must click on the "CONTINUE" button and then answer the questions asked on the homepage. Afterward, provide your personal information and vaccination details. Once done and verified, you will be able to download your digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

You may also follow the easy and simple steps below:

For fully vaccinated individuals traveling abroad and needing a vaccination certificate, go to and click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed with your application. 

Note: For now, application for the vaccination certificate through the portal prioritizes OFWs and international travelers. You may always check this guide for updates on the VaxCert PH portal.

2. Agree with the privacy statement

After you click the "continue" button on the homepage of the VaxCert PH portal, you will be redirected to the actual application page, which you need to agree with the privacy statement and enter the necessary details required. To begin, mark the checkbox beside the "I have read and agreed to the Privacy Statement" and then click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed with your vaccination certificate application.

Note: The information you provided will be safely and securely stored in the database of VaxCert PH. It will only be used for your vaccination certificate application and for other purposes.

3. Answer and provide necessary details

Once you agree with the privacy statement, you will be asked if you will be traveling abroad, your vaccination status, and details of your final dose. Answer it correctly and make sure to only apply for the e-certificate if you will be traveling abroad. Click on "NEXT" to continue.

Provide your personal information.

After answering the questions, you must now fill out the form with your personal information, which requires the following: (1) Complete Name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix if necessary) and (2) Birthdate. Then click on the "NEXT" button to continue with your vaccination certificate application.

Provide your vaccination information.

To proceed, you must provide your vaccination details: the location and dates for your first and second doses. Mark the check box if you're vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson brand. Click on the "VERIFY VACCINATION INFORMATION" button to continue.

 4. Review the information you provided

You must review the information you provided to continue and ensure that the details are the same as your vaccine card. After you verified the details, click on the "CONTINUE" button to proceed. Enter the 7 characters code that will pop up as seen in the image below:

Click on the "OK" button to continue. If your record is found, proceed to Step 5. If not, go here on how to send proof of your vaccination.

5. Receive your digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Once you're done with Steps 1 to 4, you may now generate your e-certificate through the VaxCert PH web portal. Just click on the "GENERATE VACCINATION CERTIFICATE" button to receive a digital copy of your certificate. Make sure to save a copy of the VaxCert PH certificate and print it.

Actual VaxCertPH certificate after successful application. 

What to do if my vaccination record is not found?

If your vaccination record is not found in the VaxCertPH portal, you may request to upload your details if you are already fully vaccinated. 

Once redirected to a page with a text saying"NO VACCINATION RECORD FOUND," click on the "CONTINUE" button and prepare a digital copy of the following: vaccination card and a valid government-issued ID. 

Also, provide your email address and mobile number, and then click on the "SUBMIT REQUEST" button to continue.

How does the VaxCert PH system work?

Based on the image from DICT, the issuance of vaccination certificates from the VaxCert portal is based on the information uploaded by local government units (LGUs) to DICT’s Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS). Once this data from LGUs are available, the VIMS-VaxCertPH system will encrypt it and digitally signed by DOH's private key.

If individuals request a certificate and records match the stored data, they will be given a VaxCertPH certificate presented in a QR code. The QR Code in the vaccine certificate can be cryptographically verified by counties and LGUS using the VaxCert PH web portal.

How to verify the VaxCert PH certificate?

The vaccination certificate can only be verified through Authorities or representatives from government agencies worldwide must use the said web portal to verify the VaxCert PH e-certificate. 

To do this, one must have a capable device to scan the QR Code on the certificate. A message indicating that the vaccination certificate is VERIFIED will appear after the QR Code is scanned. The details of the vaccination will also appear on the verification page.

Is the VaxCert PH certificate free?

Yes, getting the vaccination certificate through the VaxCert PH portal is FREE-OF-CHARGE. Individuals must not pay for any service charge upon getting their VaxCert PH Certificate. As of writing, getting a certificate through VaxCert PH is only available on the web app.

There are also plans for a mobile app for both Android and iOs devices.


Although in its initial phase, VaxCert PH provides a unified vaccination certificate for the Filipinos. It is useful especially for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and individuals who have an official business or trip abroad. DICT has developed a user-friendly system that even non-tech savvy individuals can easily navigate the VaxCert portal and get their own vaccine certificate.

For information and other inquiries about VaxCert PH, you may contact the Department of Health (DOH) through these numbers: ( 632) 8651-7800 (telephone), 5003-5004 (local), (632) 165-364, and email address at —iTacloban/AJ Yes

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